“You don’t have to be sick, to get better!”

We are all in roles that requires a level of performance. Whether it is on the sporting field, in the classroom, at work or in your relationships, the surface you perform under is not what it is important, it’s how you perform on it. The Flow Sport Psychology, Performance and Lifestyle Clinic aims to bring out the best in your performance to optimise health, well-being, relationships, and most importantly, you!

We recognise that illness and poor health has a significant impact on our mind, body, relationships and responsibilities. Flow’s Sport Psychology, Performance and Lifestyle team provide a unique interaction between clinical mental health and positive sport and performance frameworks to balance recovery and growth on the back of scientific-based templates to optimise satisfaction, fulfilment and quality of life across all domains of life all while having fun and learning. This is achieved through strengthening your awareness and growth around the mental aspects of your performance such as:

    • Motivation.
    • Confidence.
    • Focus, attention and concentration.
    • Performance Preparation.
    • Goal Setting and Achievement.
    • Managing setbacks (mental strength and resilience).
    • Creating a healthy internal dialogue and response system.
    • Managing arousal and anxiety to motivate rather than debilitate you, including how to control high-pressure situations (e.g., exams, high-performance and pressurised situations).
    • Strengthening your mental strength, mental fitness and resilience.
    • Balancing sport and study, employment and/or family life.
    • Career transitions and coping with grief and loss.
    • Performance enhancement and mental skill development.
    • Optimal nutrition and dietary support (in combination with a nutritionist or dietician).
    • Overtraining, role overload and burnout.
    • Team cohesion and creating and sustaining a culture of success.
    • Effective Communication skills.
    • Leadership development.
    • Injury rehabilitation.
    • Understanding the mind-body connection through Biofeedback.
    • Fostering growth, passion, purpose, fulfilment and FLOW.


We are excited and privileged to be in a great position to inspire, inform, encourage and equip our community to bring the best of themselves to bring the best to their performance.

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